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Got Smart

Today, I took another important step toward world dominationcross-country driving.

smart phone, dumb user

Of course, it took me an hour just to figure out how to upload pictures from it, and I’m still convinced there’s an easier way.

“But Waltz,” some of you might say, “That’s not an iPhone! Why didn’t you get an iPhone?”

Answer: AT&T and Verizon both suck, and even if I were inclined to jailbreak one, I mean, come on – I could barely figure out how to email myself a picture I took with the damn thing; how am I supposed to figure out how to reprogram one?

Anyway, that’s my new link to the world: wi-fi hotspot, data center, camera and GPS all in one. More computing capacity than a Saturn V (but a whole lot less explosive material).

Naturally, I fully expect it to break on my first day out.