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I have a lot to do to prepare for this trip.

In addition to the obvious (packing), I need to put together some emergency supplies, because I’ll be driving through some of the coldest parts of the country in late November and early December. I figure, at a minimum:

  • zero-rated sleeping bag
  • snow shovel / cat litter
  • mobile internet access
  • camp stove
  • flares
  • more tunes for my iPod (essential)
  • emergency rations / water
  • hardcopy road atlas for when my GPS fails, which will be at the worst possible moment
  • car charger for electronics
  • cold-weather clothing
  • tequila

Of course, today, my mind stopped at the last item and refused to move forward until I took care of that. See, in addition to being a beer snob, I’m also a tequila snob. I like the good stuff. Life’s too short to drink Cuervo Gold.

So I went to a local tequila bar, expecting to maybe get a margarita and a burrito.

I asked the bartender, “What do you have new and good in tequila?”

Hussong’s,” he said, indicating an unassuming little blue bottle behind the bar.

“Want,” I said.

…I swear I don’t know how I’ve missed tasting this stuff before now. I mean, I thought I’d had good tequila It’s a reposado, but it has the character, taste and look of an anejo, at the price of a blanco.

I know some of you are going, “So what? Tequila is tequila, and besides, it’s disgusting.”

Au contraire. (Or whatever the Spanish is for au contraire).

Best. Tequila. Ever.

Sorry, Don Julio. I have a new true love.

You know how most tequila kinda burns going down? I know, that’s its charm. But this stuff? It was like honey. Only it was agave. Not honey. I only had a couple of sips, of course, but that was enough.

Well, now I know what my emergency tequila is going to be.

I’ll work on the other stuff tomorrow.