A Bit Dodgey

Everyone lied to me about Kansas.

“Oh, it’s nothing but flat. Flat, flat, flat as far as the eye can see. And then when you get to the edge of the flat, there’s more flat.”

Actual hills in actual Kansas

Does this look flat to you?

Oh, sure, the further west I progressed, the flatter it got, until here in Dodge City (Yes, that Dodge City) things are flatter than a first-time karaoke singer. But still, I’ve been in flatter places. Eastern Texas. Central Illinois. Hell, parts of Virginia are planier than the Plains.

Going to keep this short, because the most important thing I have to do today, now that I’ve procured a place to sleep, is watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. Luck seems to be holding out for me, as there’s still no snow or ice in the forecast. But forecasts have been wrong before…


About Waltz

An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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