Davenport, Iowa

While Davenport wasn’t on my original route, it was close enough, and I have a friend here. Besides, there are five breweries in the vicinity. But mostly because my friend Ransom Noble lives here.

Now, before we even met up, she asked me to investigate an establishment that she’d be too chicken to visit, herself, so I’m calling her out on that here. The establishment? Hot Cups, a coffee shop that… well, click on the link.

Tragically, when I got there, the place was closed “indefinitely.”

Until now, I didn’t even LIKE coffee.

Such are the bitter winds of fate. Oh, well… at least the breweries were open. Well, the one we went to for lunch was, anyway… Bent River Brewing Company, across the river in Moline, Illinois.

Ransom showed up with her kids, who are all kinds of cute.

There is, I should mention, more than one reason that I enjoy brewpubs; apart from the obvious, not a lot of parents with small children hang out there, meaning that unless some drinker gets rowdy, the places are quiet during the day, like churches. So there I was, in the sanctity of the brewpub… in a booth with two small children, the smaller of whom demonstrated incredible lung capacity for such a small entity.

I felt like I should do penance.

Afterward, I finally got a chance to hang out by the Mississippi; usually, I’m crossing it, not lurking on its banks. Not the best day for pictures, though. Cloudy and rainy.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a river; so what?

I even got to meet Ransom and her husband for dinner at a different pub – another Granite City location. There, I discovered that not only does that chain have good beer, it also has excellent food. So, okay, that’s two breweries in the Quad City area visited; I’ll save the other three for another trip.

In all, a good day. Tomorrow? Long drive. But I’ll still try to find something interesting to post.


About Waltz

An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. Ah no, it was CLOSED!??!? 😦 I was imagining you blissfully going back for refills, slowly taking on a caffeine buzz that would be with you for always.

  2. Their view of the Mississippi is kind of dull. The Minnesota views are nicer (lovely woods and some prairie in St. Cloud, bluffs in Minneapolis). I think you’d like the Mississippi more if you ventures further north and could actually touch it without dealing with that cumbersome concrete in your way. As for the beer…what’d you have at Granite City? I’ve been there before and I agree the food was yummy. I just didn’t drink because I had to drive (and will not drive even if I have just one beer).

  3. I will clarify that mostly I hang with my two children, do going to Hot Cups seems questionable at this time.

  4. I am still trying to understand how men allowed something that combined boobs and coffee to go out of business. Sounds like it should have been a sure fire money maker to me!

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