Monthly Archives: January 2012

Atlantic City

No, I haven’t gone much of anywhere in over a month. But the travel bug is starting to bite once again…

Thursday, I’m going with a longtime friend to Atlantic City for a few days. The gambling spree continues! My friend, Pat, is a guy with a wife and two toddlers, so he doesn’t get out much. He told me he wanted to go to AC, and I was like, “Pick a time, dude.”

We haven’t road-tripped together since we were both 18 and drifted down the east coast to Florida for a couple of weeks.

Between one thing and another, it’s been a few months since we made indefinite plans, but a couple weeks back he picked this coming weekend.

Now, I gotta admit, Vegas kind of spoiled me. Not the blackjack tables so much, but the hotel prices. During the week, the Luxor charged less than $50 a night! Even on weekends, it was comparable to non-resort hotels. So when I checked the rates for Atlantic City, I was expecting similar prices. I mean, come on: it’s a beach in New Jersey and it’s frakking January.

But no. I was finding Saturday night hotel rooms for the low, low price of $260 plus taxes and fees.

How about no?

Which led to the decision to leave here Thursday and come back on Saturday. Rates for weeknights, and even for Friday night, are significantly lower than that, and we’ll get two nights for less than the cost of one Saturday night.

Now, let’s see if there are any breweries near Atlantic City…