The End (For Now)

And so it ends – yesterday, I got home around 11 pm Eastern time, during the longest night of the year.

Total miles traveled: a bit less than 9000. I saw a lot of new things, met many interesting people, drank wonderful (and not so wonderful but still interesting) beer, won a bit in Vegas, and for a few minutes at least, I had a monkey on my back.

Not one ticket.

Not one accident.

And it could have been a lot worse – I could have had this chick’s luck:

A 23-year-old Arizona State University student was found with her Toyota Corolla on a remote dirt road in northeastern Arizona after being stranded in the snow for 10 days, authorities said… Around 11:30 a.m., Lauren Elizabeth Weinberg, an ASU senior, was found “alive and well” 46 miles southeast of Winslow. She was located with her vehicle, which was entombed in snow at Forest 34 and Forest 100 roads, according to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

I’m not going away now – I may not post as often for a while, but I will post (though I want a few days off). And sometime soon I’ll be traveling again, so please stay tuned. Until then, I want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous holiday season and New Year, whatever it is that you celebrate at this time of year. Because it doesn’t matter what you celebrate or how, but it’s important to celebrate, if for no other reason than we are alive and we are all traveling, in our own ways.

And I’ll leave you for now with this, my favorite holiday song:


About Waltz

An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. Quite a journey! I loved following along with you. Can’t wait to read about your next trip 😉

  2. What an amazing trip! I am glad I got to be a small part of it. Happy holidays and have a nice rest. I’ll be waiting to see what you do next. 😀

  3. Aw, it just can’t be over…

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