And Done.

The first thing I did today after breakfast was drive out to Cape Flattery, near Neah Bay. This is on the Makah Indian Reservation, and represents as far west as it’s possible to drive in the continental US. On the map below, that’s near point B.

Then, I drove down to Ozette, which is nothing more than a ranger station. From there, I hit the hiking trail and walked the more than 3 miles to the actual westernmost point, which you can see on that map a bit north of west from point C. It’s called Cape Alava. Keen eyes or use of the zoom feature might reveal a mushroom-shaped spit of land even further north, jutting out into the Pacific. I’m not counting that spit, because it’s only part of the mainland at low tide, and not really accessible even then. I got a picture of it, anyway (see below).

Six mile hikes suck.

But I did it.

That’s the good news.

The bad news: I’m in Forks. (Point D on the map.) I stopped here because the hike completely exhausted me, especially the last 20 minutes which were in the dark. Honestly, I don’t know how I have enough energy to sit here and type this. The thought of trying to go further, to a town that might have less Twilight, was even worse than the thought of spending the night in Forks.

It’s bad here. Really, really, bad. You can’t move without tripping over a Twilight thing. They do stop just short of putting movie posters in the motel rooms, but probably only because they haven’t thought of it, yet.

It seems like it would have been, could have been, a nice enough town, if it weren’t for all the godsdamned vampires.

Anyway, here’s the map:

And here are a few photos – but none of the Twilight Zone.

Remember back when I was in Maine, I got a picture of Canada? This was at the eastern end of the boundary between the US and Canada. Fittingly, I ended this part of the journey at the western end of the same boundary. Here is a picture of Vancouver Island, taken from Neah Bay, across Juan de Fuca Strait.

Canada: The Other End.

A shot of the spit of land I mentioned above:

At least that seagull could get to it.

And, finally, somewhere in the picture below is the westernmost (non-tidal dependent) spot of land in the US:

We're rockin' now!

And so this portion of my mission has been accomplished. Tomorrow, I start moving south down the coast toward California. I’ll continue to post updates whenever I can.


About Waltz

An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. Just avoid eating vegetables. Apparently, it makes you smell tastier. Of course, in my own humble opinion, you always were yummy. 🙂

    Nice work! I personally, would have gotten lost just getting to Maine. I’d probably be in Kansas right now being lynched for saying it wrong.

    Have a nice trip South.

  2. Sweet awesomeness in a can! It’s so cool you made the trip. Congratulations on making it!

    I do find it UNBELIEVABLY hilarious that you stayed in Forks, though. Hope you didn’t accidentally stab any twihards.

  3. Congrats! Now hurry home, I need a beer and a cigar!!!

  4. Woot, you’re almost here. I can’t wait until Saturday…I finally get to meet my Evil Overlord in person!!!!

  5. Yay! Glad you made it! Now call me, I have unbelievably awesome news! Seriously!

  6. Gratz on reaching your goal!!! Amazing. Now I think you have to be sure to hit Santa Clara in California in order to remove the Twilight taint from staying in Forks. There are much cooler vampires there! (though I believe it was actually filmed in Santa Cruz)

  7. It was filmed in Santa Cruz . . . you can see the boardwalk and the rides and everything! It’s not quite as creepy at night, though. And there are sea otters floating on their backs near the pier . . . which I’m pretty sure does not appear in the film, but it’s awfully cute.

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