Day 16: Clallam Bay, WA

So very, very close, now.

I didn’t get here early enough in the day to make the destination in daylight, so I’m staying at this very nice B&B in Clallam Bay. I suppose it’s only fitting that I end the east-to-west trip as I began it: in a small, privately owned inn. This owner, though, didn’t fly to Florida (or SoCal) for the season.

When I got there, I saw a calendar on the wall that was still open to November. And what did I see on the calendar? Something shocking in its familiarity:

It's like deja vu all over again.

That’s right – in a coincidence that stretches the imagination, as I approach the goal of my trip, mere minutes from the westernmost point in the continental US, I see the beginning of that trip, the easternmost point, on a calendar that the hostess forgot to flip.

Oh, also, take another glance at the map above. See the little dot called Forks, south of where I am? That is the unfortunate site of the unfortunate Twilight books and movies. I’m uncomfortably close to it. In fact, my hostess has a pristine copy of Twilight for her guests to peruse. I, of course, gave it a wide berth – I mean, at least it’s not Hello Kitty, but still. Oh, and I made sure to put on this t-shirt when I left Issaquah this morning. I stopped for breakfast at an IHOP (my gods… I wanted to spell that iHop… shoot me now) and the hostess said “Hey, great t-shirt!”

I said, “Thanks! I’m headed out to the Forks area today, so I had to wear this.”

She sucked in air and grimaced. “Oooooh,” she said. “Be careful.”

I was thinking, what, sparkly vampires are going to get me? Gay werewolves? Wooden actresses? Then I realized that people would be serving me food, and I made sure to zip up my hoodie every time I got out of the car.

Anyway, no one killed me over the shirt. Yet.

Seattle being Seattle, the sky stayed overcast and I only got a few pics today.

It's always Starbucks time somewhere.

What would it take to get an "avoid ghetto" option for my GPS?

All pictures of the Seattle skyline must include the Space Needle - it's the Law.

I have much better pictures of the Seattle skyline (and Mount Rainier) from my previous trip here. Maybe I’ll post some of them one day when I’ve got little else going on. That last picture was from the ferry across Puget Sound, which would have been a much more interesting ride if it weren’t so damn cloudy. But what do you expect from Seattle? Shut up, I mean besides coffee and grunge bands.

Tomorrow: The End. Well, not really the END end. I still have to drive down to California and back across the US, and I’m going to continue to document that with all the pictures and snark you could ever want (and then some). But – assuming the weather holds out – tomorrow I will reach my goal and gaze upon the Pacific Ocean.


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An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. I just wanted to say, I wholeheartedly approve of the Yogi Berra quote.

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