Day 14: Issaquah, WA

Yes, that’s Day 14, as in “two weeks on the road.” To recap: three days to Maine, one day off there, and the rest of the time I’ve been driving across the country.

Today’s route took me through the most interesting and diverse scenery I’ve seen yet: the farms, bluffs, valleys, scablands and mountains of central Washington. Driving through the Cascades alone made this trip worth it.

Since I couldn’t deal with pix yesterday, here’s one from that day’s journey, a shot of the Moyie River canyon and the U.S. 2 bridge, in Idaho:

Dam it! Oh - too late. Been done already.

I didn’t get any pictures of the Cascades as I went through them. No picture I could take would do them justice, what with the immense looming whiteness of them and all. I did get some shots of some other interesting geological formations along the route. Here’s one:

I called its bluff

I’m almost in sight of my goal, now: a spit of land on the western coast of Washington, west-northwest of where I am now. It looks like about a five-hour drive, maybe six, and I can either go through Seattle and take a ferry across the inlet or go the long way ’round by Tacoma.

I’ll decide later. I’m in need of a break, and I’m a bit ahead of schedule, so I’m going to stay here for at least another night. Think I’ll go to the nearby Snoqualmie casino for a while – I have some unfinished business there from my trip to this area last year.


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