Day 8: Lafayette, IN

I stopped in Indianapolis, on its outskirts, anyway, today. There’s a friend I’ve known online for several years, now, and I finally got to meet her at a Starbuck’s. We talked for a bit and got the nastiest looks from the busybodies at the coffee shop because there’s a bit of an age difference between us. They say age is just a number, but they don’t really mean it, not when they’re ready to assume certain things that just aren’t the case.

I ended the day in Lafayette for four reasons: One, a good friend of mine and a cousin both went to Purdue; two, my father lived here long, long ago; three, it’s directly on my way from Indy to my next destination; and four, there are two breweries here. So between a personal connection and beer, those were reasons enough for me.

Today’s route, which was rather light compared to those of previous days:

It turned out that the Starbuck’s where I met my friend was just a few hundred feet from a brewery! So after we talked, she went to work nearby, and I went to dinner at the brewery, giving me an opportunity to enjoy a small sampling of their beers. Indianapolis has over a dozen breweries, though, so I’ll have to go back sometime.

While we were outside on the patio, I saw this:

I don't even.


I don’t know if you can make that out, but it’s one person in a motorized wheelchair pulling another person in a non-motorized wheelchair who’s holding on to the motorized wheelchair while carrying a Black Friday shopping bag. A wheelchair train, if you will. Which you probably won’t.

My friend was like, “Welcome to Indiana.”

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I was actually born in this state. But hey, at least the beer was good.

In addition to the relatively short trip today, the weather stayed mild – though there was frost on the car when I started out, it melted soon enough, and the thermometer stayed between 50 and 60 for most of the day. Again, enjoying this while I can; I doubt it will last.

Tomorrow, I won’t have time for breweries, unfortunately. Which is too bad, really, because I’m heading through Illinois to Wisconsin, and Wisconsin is known for its beer. My sources indicate nearly 100 breweries in Wisconsin, about the same number as in the much more populous New York. This doesn’t even include the ones you can name off the top of your head in Milwaukee, ones which no self-respecting beer geek would be caught dead visiting. But my first priority is to get to the destination. The trip is going to be over 400 miles, one of the longest legs of the journey.

Still, if I see anything amusing along the way, I will get pics, as always.


About Waltz

An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. I love it…wish I had a friend who’d pull me along!!!

    Can’t wait for you to get to CA. Make sure you drive safe and get here in one piece.


  2. Did you meet a Puppy?!? =D. Did you get a phot?..

    As for the wheelchair train … wtf is all Ii can say.

  3. STOP! You must eat at Pizza King before you leave Indiana. If I don’t tell you that and implore you to take my advice, I will be kicked out of the house. Dan, born and raised in Indiana, swears that is the best pizza in the WORLD. I think it’s pretty good but I was not exactly raised on pizza. Get the Royal Feast. You won’t regret it (or so Dan says).

  4. And the strangeness continues. At first I wasn’t sure if it was some sort of wheelchair convoy or a bizarre wheelchair piggy-front ride…either way, all aboard the wheelchair train! I guess one of those peeps is pretty smart, right?

    Hope you enjoyed your visit! Happy motoring!

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