Day 7: Pickerington, OH

In contrast with yesterday, today’s driving was a breeze. Temperatures stayed between 30 and 45, and the sun was mostly out – not a hint of snow or even rain. Yes, I’m enjoying this while I can; I don’t expect it to last.

Today’s destination was the home of my friend, Michelle, and her boyfriend, Keith. They invited me for Thanksgiving dinner, so in the spirit of the holiday, thanks, Michelle and Keith!

Today’s map – we’ll see if it works this time, like it didn’t yesterday.

Points B and C on that map are breweries: one brewpub (Main Street Grille) and one production (Hoppin’ Frog). Naturally, being Thanksgiving, they were closed; however, since they were on my route anyway, I stopped for pictures. I present here one picture I took at Hoppin’ Frog, which is amusing in spite of – or perhaps because of – its predictability:



Whilst driving, I saw a sign for something relevant to my interests: the “Neil Armstrong Site.” Now, the weird thing about Ohio is the sheer number of aeronauts and astronauts it has produced, starting with the Wright Brothers (yes, they flew first in NC, but they were Ohioans) all the way up to John Glenn, the first American in space, and Neil Armstrong, the first human on the moon.

Now, those of you who know me probably already know that I consider the Apollo 11 moon landing to be the most significant event in human history. It was the moment that a (non-microscopic) living thing from Earth first reached another, distinct globe, and that’s about as significant as it’s possible to get.

But I know enough about Ohio to have experienced a bit of trepidation about the “Neil Armstrong Site.” I found it, and it’s an open park, not something you have to pay admission for, so it wasn’t closed for Thanksgiving.

My trepidation, of course, was well-deserved. They tried. Really, they tried to put together a tribute to the first human exploration of the moon, tried to capture its significance. The information panel explained that it was at that site, when Armstrong was six years old, that he first leapt from the boundary of the Earth’s surface to fly in a Ford Tri-motor airplane, thus beginning his love of flight. And they put together a decent reconstruction of the Apollo 11 site, complete with footprints and lander.

There was just… one… little… problem.

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for McDonald's


I wonder what the over/under is for the date of the first McDonald’s on the moon? I’m sure once we have a base there, Ronald won’t be far behind.

Anyway, time to have me some turkey, if I have any room left after all the horse doovers. Tomorrow: west to Indiana!


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  1. Glad you made it safely to Michelle’s! Give her a big hug for me, please. Happy Thanksgiving to all. πŸ™‚

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