Day 6: Hamburg, NY

Note: I’ve created an informational page about the current trip, in an effort to help new readers and clear up any confusion about what I’m doing. Just click on the “Current Trip” link above or here.

Hamburg, NY is in the greater Buffalo area, not far from Lake Erie. As usual, here’s a map of the route – I tried to get this to match the GPS track, but it’s still a bit off, though it gives the general idea.

(Okay, the route isn’t showing up for me in the preview. I’ll try to fix that in a later edit.)

Well, starting off today was a bit slow. After five days of decent weather, I woke up to this:

Oh, shit. I'm in Narnia.

People the night before had been talking about getting some “light snow” before morning. I guess a foot is what qualifies as “light snow” in Vermont.

Which leads me to a request: For the love of everything that’s right and pure in the world, stop talking about how global warming can’t be happening because it just freaking snowed, especially if you live near the ski capital of the northeast. That kind of conversation non-starter is right down there with “Hot enough for you?” when it’s sweltering out and “Everything come out okay?” when someone returns from the restroom. At least these latter two clichés have a good, smart-ass answer. The same one: “Nope.” The global warming thing? Okay, it was funny the first time, back when Al Gore was inventing the internet. Now, it just sounds ignorant. Why? Because the fact that it’s snowing doesn’t mean global warming is not happening. Doesn’t mean it is, either. Just means it’s snowing. Are you a climate scientist? Neither am I. So let’s stop assuming one way or the other, because then we’re not talking about the weather (safe) but politics (minefield). This crap is bad enough when you hear it in Georgia, but in freaking Vermont? Come on, people… when it snows in Vermont, that just means that it’s finally warm enough to eat some Ben&Jerry’s.

Speaking of Ben&Jerry’s, their plant is just south of Stowe, near Waterbury. It was closed when I got there, but I got a picture of the outside.

Now hurry up and make some Dude Food, Ben & Jerry's.

The two breweries I drove past in Vermont (The Alchemist and Bobcat Café) were closed. I got pictures, anyway, but they’re mostly boring – though the Bobcat sign is pretty cool:

It's a sign.

The third brewery I visited today was open, and the people there were nice and friendly, and didn’t make global warming jokes (it hadn’t snowed there, yet): Naked Dove Brewing Company in Canandaigua, NY. No, I can’t pronounce it, either, but I’m probably closer with that than I am with another town I drove through: Skaneateles. Seriously, every time I try to pronounce that town name, I either come up with something vaguely obscene or I sprain my tongue. I thought about rolling down my window and asking a passing pedestrian, but I didn’t want them to think people from Virginia were rude.

Now, I mention on the current trip page, above, a quote by Charles Kuralt: “Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” Thing is, there’s another way to cross the country without seeing it, and that’s to drive in the snow or fog. And my journey – from the mountains of Vermont, across the Adirondacks, and into the middle of New York State – took me through both snow and fog, which together added, I don’t know, maybe four hours to my trip. No joke. And even in a Subaru, driving down an unplowed mountain road in the snow is not fun. I don’t mind the extra time so much, except I have to get up early tomorrow to make it to Thanksgiving dinner in Ohio.

Speaking of which, I’m off to bed. A happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!


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  1. It’s good to see you’re still alive. I’ll add that to my “thankful” list. I will be “forever holding my peace” or is that “piece”? I wonder if they mean piece as in gun? Gives new meaning to the whole marriage speech the clergy delivers at the wedding…. but I digress. I hope your Thanksgiving is more “free-thinking” than mine will be. Don’t worry about the snow. It’s the mooses you have to watch out for. In Minn., be especially careful of hitting any elk. They do have a sense of humor around there but it’s closely associated with jello products and “hot dishes” and if you don’t have either, well, you’re SOL. It’ll be a little while before you have to worry about that though. I think. I have trouble with northern geography. I’m pretty good with the bulk of southern geography though. I suppose that’s global warming for you though.

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t break in to B&J and get me some ice cream. It’s one of the few brands of ice cream I actually eat, though not very often, but I would have eaten it had you stole it for me.

    Glad to see you’re getting to experience driving over mountain passes in the snow, even if they are only small mountains. When you add snow and fog, they count as an unforgettable experience.

    I’m thankful to have a few good friends in a my life, and one of those friends is you (Can you believe it after all these years? Wow, that sounds like forever! What’s it been now, maybe half a decade? lol) Have a safe, warm and yummy Thanksgiving!

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