Day 4: Lubec, ME (again)

Yes, I spent an extra day here. This was planned. This morning, after eating breakfast — or, well, trying to eat breakfast; I won’t name the only open breakfast joint I could find, but it was quite possibly the worst breakfast I’ve ever had, and I once had an eggplant omelet so that’s saying something* — I achieved the true start point of my cross-country trip, the easternmost point on the mainland, contiguous US: Quoddy Head State Park, Maine.

This makes today’s map pretty easy:

Now, a while back, I posted a picture from Wikipedia (I think) of the lighthouse there; today, I took my own pictures of it. Here’s one:

Note the lack of snow in the scene - locals tell me that's rather unusual.

It might be fun to open up that post and flip between the two pictures to note their similarities and differences. The big one is probably lighting – I took my picture early in the day, maybe around 9:00 am, so  (I should note that I can’t figure out what time it actually is right now – I’m sitting about 200 feet from a time zone change, and apparently what time it is depends on where the signal is coming from.) The angle’s also a bit different.

And this is what the easternmost spot of land in the continental US looks like:

It's somewhere in the picture, anyway, but it's not the Canada in the background, across the strait.

And just a few other random pictures from the Lubec area:

Seems Legit.

Always nice to see Virginia town names up in Yankee territory.

A view from the inn's back yard. Again, across the strait, Canada and a different time zone.

Well, I’ve got it in my head to try to get up to watch the sunrise tomorrow, which occurs at the ungodly cow-milking hour of 6:30 am. This will also – if all goes well – put me at my next destination sometime before midnight tomorrow. But the sunrise is usually something to stay up for, not wake up for – so we’ll see if I even hear the alarms (I’ve set multiple devices to go off at 6. I still might not hear them. And then there’s still the question of whether it’ll actually be 6.)


*Don’t bother commenting with stuff like “but eggplant omelets are awesome!” – eggplant is not actually a food, and anyone who thinks otherwise is horribly deluded.


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An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. Hmmm, I always thought of Eggplant as more Fetid than anything, unless I’m having moussaka which I actually do like a whole bunch, but then it has so much yummy stuff in it that the eggplant taste is obliterated. Eggplant is a beautiful color, but I’d prefer to keep my eggs away from it, tyvm.

    Glad you’re having fun so far. The pictures are awesome, especially the ones of the insides of the brewery! Oh, and the cute alpaca. You’d better watch it or the next thing you know you’ll stop making fun of Hello Kitty. Ack!

    Hopefully you’re starting west now and didn’t drive into the ocean by mistake with a stolen alpaca. Make sure you bring food for it because I doubt Amy wants to replace your seats after it eats them if you forgot food. 😉

  2. So . . . did you manage to get up at 6? Inquiring minds want to know!

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