Day 2: Northfield, MA

Northfield, Masa… Masser… Missa… the state with Boston in it. I chose it because it’s pretty close to halfway between Harrisburg and the easternmost point of Maine, as measured by estimated travel time.

Nice place. It’ll be nicer to see it in the daytime, I think.

I’m actually in nearby Greenfield, now, in the only place open with free wi-fi… which also happens to be a brewpub! Some days, I just get lucky. They also make a mean barbecue, which I had to try, because the words “Massachusetts” and “mean barbecue” aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence, unless the sentence is, “Wow, it sure is impossible to find a mean barbecue in Massachusetts.” Which, I now know, would be a lie.

Anyway, since it worked last time, I’m going to do the map thing again. It deviates quite a bit from my GPS track, but I haven’t yet figured out how to convert a GPS track to a Google Maps route (I can import it into Google Earth just fine, but then I still can’t export it to Maps. Whatever.)

Whew. Okay. As promised, better pictures.

First of all, morning. Since I arrived in Harrisburg after dark last night, I couldn’t get any decent pictures. But this morning I walked around a bit with the camera. Now, in my experience, about 90% of Harrisburg is a hole. This is a representation of one of the nicer parts of the hole:

Note the open dumpster and lack of much of anything else.

The other 10%, though, is the river, and the river totally makes the trip worth it.

Down to the river...

I walked, oh, 150 feet between those two pictures.

Okay, so after leaving Harrisburg, it was time to visit Tröegs brewery in Hershey, PA. Yes, that Hershey. It’s not far from Harrisburg. It was early, so they weren’t open yet, but I got this wonderfully inspirational photo. I call it “Sunrise Over The Beer Vat.”

You'll note the sun is actually well up. But for us beer drinkers, it was VERY early.

Now, some of you are asking, “But, Waltz! You were in Hershey! What about the Chocolate Tour?!”

Okay, no. Hershey is to chocolate as Bud Light is to beer. Wake me up when I’m in a place that makes real chocolate.

So. Next stop, up the road a ways from Hershey, was the brewery that bills itself as the oldest in America: Yuengling. I took a tour, and shot more pics than I can reasonably post, but here’s a little something:

It's built into the side of a mountain so they could store beer in cold caves.

One of the caves

And one of the machines used to create the elixir of life.

The rest of the day was boring driving. Except for the part where I had to reroute around a bridge that was out, which didn’t show up on my GPS. That part wasn’t boring; it was annoying.

I passed a few things that I wish I’d gotten pictures of, but I was feeling pressed for time. I think next time I do something like this I’ll limit the driving time even more – it’ll take longer to get anywhere, but at least I’ll feel like I have time to take pictures of interesting things that you don’t normally see, like the helicopters and tanks on display outside the PA National Guard facility, which I had to drive through to get to Pottsville (the location of the Yuengling brewery).

Tomorrow, Maine. Probably I’ll take some pics of Northfield in the morning, and hope to post them tomorrow.

Of course, I don’t know if I’ll have internet access tomorrow – if I don’t post, I’m not necessarily dead or kidnapped; more likely, I’m in Maine. (I’m still unclear on the difference.)


About Waltz

An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. I think you are pretty safe from vanishing mysteriously up North. Now if you were traveling through say, Alabama or West Virginia, and dropped out of communication, then I’d be worried. Or if you vanished in Harrisburg. I was a bit worried when you said you’d be walking around after dark there. 😛 You’d think with it being the state capital, someone would clean the place up.

  2. Real chocolate can be found near Lancaster, PA, in a sleepy little town called Litiz. Haven’t been there for 20+ years but seem to recall it was rather delicious.

    Enjoying your travel-log immensely – stay safe!

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