Day 1: Harrisburg, PA

I decided a while back to make this first leg a fairly easy one. Since my first goal is to get to Maine, a rather long journey from Charlottesville, I figured on three days. I picked Harrisburg, PA as the first destination because it’s on the most direct route (avoiding interstates), and because I have a friend who lives outside Harrisburg whom I haven’t seen in a while.

Several breweries showed up on the route, all in Pennsylvania:

Roy Pitz, Chambersburg
Market Cross Pub & Brewery, Carlisle
Appalachian Brewing Co., Camp Hill and Harrisburg
Lancaster Brewing Co., Harrisburg

(Lancaster isn’t properly on the route, but I figured I’d give it a hit today rather than tomorrow morning when it will be cold, empty and alone.)

Now, if this works – this is the first time I’ve tried to embed a map directly – the following map shows my approximate route. It’s approximate because GPS generates slightly different routes than Google does, and because sometimes I deviated from the route because I messed up and made a wrong turn went looking for a restroom.

Okay, that worked in the preview, so I can go ahead and post some pics. Unfortunately, the pics either suck, or were taken after it got dark – the perils of traveling in the late fall after DST ends.

Yes, the brewery is in the back of a warehouse at the bottom of a loading ramp.

Don’t let the quality of the picture (I mean, lack thereof) or the location fool you – I only had a couple of sips of two of their beers, but the beers were good. I tried a rauchbier and a British-style brown ale. One of the brewmasters (the one who was not Roy Pitz) was kind enough to let me in to look around before they opened – they do have regular hours for their tasting room, but on most days the hours start at 4 pm – I got there around 3 and just happened to run into him while I was nosing around looking like a lost beer snob.

The other places are all brewpubs. I met my friend, Dawn, for dinner at Appalachian Brewing Company – I took a picture, but not only was it dark, the picture also sucks, so I’m not posting it. Need to work on decreasing the suck level in my pics – I wonder if my stupidphone has a setting for that. It has a setting for everything else.

All in all, everything today took much, much longer than I expected, which is why I’m posting this near midnight. The next two days will involve much more driving. More driving = fewer breweries visited.

But I’m hoping to at least post more, and better, pictures tomorrow.


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An international man of mystery, Waltz is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Kind of a puzzle burrito, actually. With conundrum cheese and secret sauce. And a side of Riddle Rice.

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  1. How was ABC in Harrisburg? I am still curious if the beer there was any different. I know the location in Harrisburg a lot more interesting and quaint than the strip mall ABC where we ate in Camp Hill.

    And I hope PA beers did not disappoint you!

  2. Sounds like a good start! PS we totally need to visit Tesla Vintners when you’re here because I was just offered a part time job there!

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